About Us

Long ago and far away …

The story of Mojo Radio began somewhere in Washington State in mid 2010.  A guy by the name of Wes Derby wanted to start a radio station, and he figured out how to do it. He called it Derby Radio, and got some other people to design a website for the station, and help him run it. He then recruited some DJs, played some music, and sat back and watched things happen. He then met another guy from Idaho. His name was Rustyn Rose. Rustyn was a writer. He liked to write about music, and review albums that people gave him to do that kind of thing with. He owned a magazine. He still owns that magazine today… Anyway, Wes taught Rustyn how to be a DJ. Rustyn found out that he really liked being a DJ, and Wes really liked having Rustyn as a DJ. Wes then found out that Rustyn was good at doing other things as well, like designing websites. So Wes made Rustyn the new co-owner of  the station they now called Mojo Radio. Everyone was happy, and the music rocked on.

Over the years changes were made, and people came and went their seperate ways. In the spring of 2012, Crystal “Myth” Hamaker bought in to Mojo Radio as a co-owner, and instilled upon the staff her no-bullshit attitude towards rock and metal. With the help of her partner in crime and newly appointed General Manager, the nutcase we all know only as “Doc”, Mojo was cleaned up, made over, and rebuilt bigger and better than ever.

Fast forward to the present. Today Mojo is a thriving internet radio station, with a focus on rock and metal music. We strive to present unique programming that is entertaining for listeners. All of our staff attempt to embed aspects of their personality in their shows, and through the magic of the internet, getting to know their listeners, as well as allowing the listener to get to know them.

In addition, as history tends to repeat itself, Mojo is assembling a team of writers, who will focus on album and live show reviews and articles.

We hope that the current year will continue to expand new horizons for the station and it’s listeners. Most importantly we hope you enjoy listening to Mojo Radio.