What can you say about a yellow and black ladies man? One thing we know for sure is, he’s got Lil Myth’s attention. BumbleBee might be kind of shallow at times, but he knows how to treat his lady, and treat her right! This bot goes out of his way to make the star of Awesome Sauce say “WOW” at his charms. The two of them are inseparable, and anyone who dares speak unkindly of this handsome young bot might want to watch their back.

A little known fact around Mojo Radio is … BumbleBee is actually the owner of BumbleBee Industries LLC . The company deals in venture capatalism, and is actually on the public exchange. On days where BumbleBee doesn’t have to act like a chat mascot, he wakes up at 7am every morning, puts on his suit and tie, gets in his Lexus and drives to his Manhattan office, where he Wfc-bumblebee-1helps to keep the economy of America ticking.

Most of the time though, he can be found in our chat room, speaking gibberish, sweet talking Lil Myth, and regurgitating a lot of what OptimusPrime teaches him.