Want us to review or play your music?

Send your EPK to

It should include at minimum :

  • At least 3 airplay quality tracks compressed in .zip or .rar (128kbps or higher please)
  • 2 band or artist promotional photos and a digital copy of any cover artwork if available
  • Synopsis of band history/music and overview of content

Sound Cloud, Mix Cloud, YouTube, and all other media sharing site links will NOT be considered under any circumstances.

EPK packages that do not meet the above specifications will NOT be considered.

Interested in having your syndicated radio show aired on Mojo Radio?

Syndication prospects should understand the following requirements for consideration :

All syndicated shows must be of the rock and metal genre, and in mp3 format in airplay quality (128kbps or higher please)

All syndicated shows must be accompanied by a .csv file including artist and title of each song played on that show. Failure to provide this data will result in that show not being aired due to licensing restrictions.

Syndicated broadcasters may express their airplay time preference, however Mojo Radio Program Management has the final authority on airtime. Syndicated show times may be changed as necessary at our discretion.

Syndicated broadcasters must provide accurate contact information to Mojo Radio management. Method of content delivery is up to the broadcaster, however we prefer Dropbox


***Not all submissions are guaranteed airplay – All media, physical or digital becomes the property of Mojo Radio and it’s affiliates and will not be returned ***