Ari Sloane

An Arizona native, lover of the desert, and avid cave explorer. Ari was raised on music from day one, his hippie parents exposed him to Jazz, Classic Rock, and even Disco (don’t hold that against him). He quickly realized that he wanted to be a famous rockstar, at the age of 11 he picked up first bass guitar. In High School, he was in several bands ranging from a U2 cover band to a Stevie Ray Vaughn cover band and a few others. He gave Doc his cock in 2014, and Doc has never returned it! However, Ari gets regular photos, and the two of them speak on Skype sometimes.
Music has been a large part of Ari’s life and he gets ultimate joy in playing his own music live to fans and exposing old and new bands to new listeners. In 1989 he became a founding member of his current band BROKEN ROMEO. He has had a lifelong dream of also being a radio DJ, and thanks to Crystal, that dream has come true!
So get ready to Rock on his show REIGN OF ROCK  Monday nights 6-9pm pst