Crystal “Myth”

crystalmythI’m Crystal Myth, Owner of Mojo Radio and DJ of “My Jaded Remedy” on Sunday nights 7-11 PM EST. I’m also tasked with keeping Drama Kings calm and trying to contain Doc…yeah not succeeding on that one! But I don’t try real hard! I’ve been known to let him play with pop stars just for gits and shiggles! I also double as Lil Myth’s production manager and gofer. That is actually my main job here on Mojo … The owner bullshit is just a story for the publicity. Don’t let that title fool you.

 I’m covered in ink and usually wrapped in black. I’m not coming to your SuzyTupperCandleHomeMaker party unless ALL my ink is showing and there are screaming guitars in your living room. I’m also known for having my phone vibrate on glass tables with my microphone on, and making people in chat think dirty thoughts…. (you really believe it was actually my phone?)

 Most often you will find me locked in the SOAP Crew safe, blowing spit bubbles and singing harmony with my spider friend (he’s sooo cool! Everyone needs a spider as a friend). I’m also thinking of moving in with my lover, OptimusPrime. (shhh don’t tell anyone!)

 Oh and I play rock music, ALL genres. As long as it’s REAL music, played on REAL instruments by REAL musicians!