Ryno ~ DJ


“My love is music, and I will marry melody.”

Scooter Ward, singer for Cold

DJ Ryno hails from the rock ”n roll capitol of the world, Cleveland, Ohio. He’s the host of Ryno’s Radio Revolution Tuesday nights 8-11 PM EST and soon Ryno’s Punk Rawk Revolution on Thursday nights 10 PM – midnight. He’s been into music since childhood. He grew up in a musically eclectic household. Being exposed to such an array of music at a young age stoked a fire inside. He had several music phases before discovering alternative rock and metal, which became his true love.

He always dreamt of being a rock star, but has settled on the next best thing: a radio personality at Mojo Radio. Putting together awesome theme shows is a passion of his. He pushes the boundaries with his song selection, sometimes causing Crystal Myth’s spit bubbles. Also, he tends to be the main target of Doc’s bullying. He’s currently looking for a tattooed,  bald, muscular gentleman to make love to all night long (kidding, but if you fit the description, please contact us!)  He sometimes gets jealous because Ari gave Doc his “cock”. He ends every show with a Mushroomhead song. Oh, and he’s one sexy mofo!