Doc is our General Manager and resident geek here on Mojo Radio. He’s been with the station the longest out of anyone currently active, having joined shortly after it’s original inception back in 2010. (He taught the owner how to DJ….) He’s in charge of overseeing the operations behind the scenes – pretty much anything that involves a server or tech of some sort is his domain. This includes our website, chat servers, and automation system. He’s also the creator and master of our station mascots in the chat room. He’s been heard doing shows ranging from rap, to electronic music to classic rock (one time he was dared to do a country show, but it literally put him to sleep) … however his first love is extreme metal. Currently he’s only actively DJing on a limited basis, generally filling in for others, and ..well .. pretty much whenever the urge strikes him. In his spare time, he enjoys breaking Ryno’s balls both on and off the air, PC gaming (Minecraft!) and just about anything to do with the Linux or UNIX operating system.

Doc can be somewhat elusive, however he always knows what’s going on (we wonder if he secretly works for the NSA part time) … Whenever there’s a major event going on on the station, he  will generally pop in and try to embarrass everyone on air. It’s been said that he was partially responsible for Mojo getting removed from east coast syndication simply because he was present on air. (he cannot confirm or deny this, but does not try to discourage the allegation, and is quite proud of that achievement) …  He’s also fond of his ability to scare the hell out of new DJs and listeners, and is a very protective uncle to LilMyth.