CD Review ~ Pelugion – Bide My Time (Single)

Pelugion – Bide My Time (single)

Writer : Jennifer Grill-Gayton / Staff Writer


Pelugion is a trio from Coventry, England. Their latest single, “Bide My Time” was produced by Mike Exeter (Black Sabbath, Dio, Judas Priest). This track is a super charged ode to an emotion many know well; regret.


Bide My Time artworkThose who have no previous knowledge of Pelugion, will be pleasantly surprised. The opening riff is dripping with sludge-addled doom. The heavy intro quickly escalates to a faster pitch, which emphasizes the talent of their rhythm section. The vocals, unlike many of their doom peers, are very clean and fit perfectly. The entire track is noteworthy for its precision and focus on excellent musicianship.


If “Bide My Time” is representative of the entire album then plan to get to know Pelugion. They will rise above the often-crowded scene and conquer the hard rock/doom genre. The single is set to be released on March 25th.
Highly recommended 9/10