CD Review ~ Alukah – Grievance EP

Alukah “Grievance” EP

alukahepTechnical Progressive Deathcore; a three word characterization of a genre, an “explanation” of what a band is. I suppose technically they do define Alukah. RJ Bunda (vocals), Chris Meyers (bass), Dante Dalton (rhythm guitar), David Demarr (lead guitar) and Jose Fores (drums) are all precision in their technical aspects, they’re certainly progressive in all ways and Deathcore they damn sure are! However; there are so many other words I would use to define Alukah such as; aggressive, industrious, indefatigable, dynamic, unique and downright exciting!

I had the privilege of interviewing four members of Alukah and premiering “Magnanimity” the 4th track on “Grievance” on my radio show. So I was familiar with a couple tracks on this EP going in and I was eager for more. Man did I get what I wanted! This EP has punishing rhythmic attacks and soaring riffs that showcase a talented use of 7 and 8-string guitars!

Alukah may be exercising some demons with songs such as “Grievance” and “Magnanimity”, but the deeply personal “Morning Whiskey” makes you realize there’s much more to the lyrics of these songs than general angst. After listening to this castigating EP and the way these 5 have laid it all down; the closing song asks exactly what I am thinking “What’s Left”? However I’m sure I know the answer to that; an abundance! As Alukah have only just begun to rip our faces off!

Crystal Myth,
Owner, Mojo Radio,
Host “My Jaded Remedy”

RJ Bunda (vocals)
Chris Meyers (bass)
Dante Dalton (rhythm guitar)
David Demar (lead guitar)
Jose Fores (drums)

Waldorf Maryland

Official site:

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